NURS103 Study Guide - Final Guide: Thiomersal, Encephalitis, Immunodeficiency

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25 Aug 2016
76 – 88% of Albertan kids are receiving/taking all these vaccines. (the table with all the vaccines).
There’s no cost to any of these vaccines
Alberta does not have a mandatory vaccination program to enter schools.
Herd Immunity
95%  optimal for herd immunity (enough people are immunized that protects the general population from
catching the disease or attaining a permanent disability).
Even though many in the population may be immune, those who are not vaccinated may still be infected.
BUT, if herd immunity is implemented – the spread of an infection is limited.
Ex. People can’t really be immunized: babies (not as great of an immune system), immunocompromised, chemo-
therapy, allergic to egg in vaccine (but probs find an alternative) etc.
Herd immunity only works if the non-immune people are evenly dispersed called “clustering” – when non-immune
people hand out together.
Can’t assume that kids that are not immunized, are because (parents) are anti-vaccination. May because of other
reasons ex. Families that don’t have a regular doctor, access etc.
These can be categorized into:
1. Complacency (doubts about vaccines)
2. Convenience
3. Confidence (with pharmaceutical companies, etc)
Are vaccines: affordable, available,
Vaccines are not a 100% “risk-free”.
Some will have reactions to them
1 in 1 million doses in children will develop encephalitis.
Some kids don’t respond to the 1st dose of a vaccine, but we don’t know who these kids are.
Post-Licensure Safety Monitoring
When vaccines are introduced to the population, they look at “adverse events” that occur after the
implementation of the vaccine.  do investigations
The thimerosal in vaccines will damage a baby’s brain
Thimerosal kills bacteria
Methyl mercury (in anti-freeze)
Ethyl mercury (wine, beer)
Element of truth that it’s not as bad  sore throat then get better.
BUT very dangerous if pregnant  Baby – malformed or could possible lose baby.
System level strategies
Things health programs/facilities do to help people get immunized
Be careful about…
“Information deficit model”  in fact doesn’t work
Speaking with parents about vaccination: the ASK Approach (there are a few things missing on the slide – the stuff in bold)
Acknowledge concerns
Clarify to understand our client’s needs
Steer the conversation
Refute the myths
find more resources at
find more resources at
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