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Nursing ModelsModelAssumptionsTheoretical UnderpinningMetaparidigm Nursing Process7 Assumptions related to Person valued person in and of him 10 carative factors to guideWatsonhuman caringor herself to be cared for respected 1 Formation of a humanisticaltruistic system of values1 Caring can be effectively nurtured understood and assisted in Begins at early age with values from parentsdemonstrated and practiced general a philosophical view of a Mediated through ones own life experiencesonly interpersonallyperson as a fully functional integrated Simultaneity Practicing lovingkindness and equanimity for self Human is viewed as greater than Theoryself and others2 Caring consists of carative and different from the sum of his or Holistic Nursing 2 Instilling faithhelpfactors that result in the her partsModelEssential to both carativecurative satisfaction of human needsprocessesHealth Watson adds the following 3 Effective caring promotes three elements to WHO definition of Being authentically present enabling Transpersonal health and individual or family healthsustaining honoring deep belief system and Caringgrowthhigh level of overall physical subjective world of self and others3 Cultivation of sensitivity to ones self and to othersmental and social functioning4 Caring responses accept Cultivate ones own spiritual practices general adaptivemaintenance CareCureperson not only as he or she is deepening selfawareness going beyond egoselflevel of daily functioningnow but as what he or she may Become sensitive makes the nurse authentic absence of illness or the becomeencourages selfgrowth and selfactualization in presence of efforts that leads its the nurse and othersabsence5 A caring environment is one 4 Development of a helpingtrust relationship human that offers the development of caring relationshipNursingpotential while allowing the Strongest tool is the mode of communication promoting health preventing person to choose the best which establishes rapport and caringillness caring for the sick and action for himself or herself at restoring healtha given point in timeCharacteristics needed to in the helpingtrust health promotion and relationship Congruence Empathy Warmth6 Caring is more treatment of disease Trust authenticity helping and caringhealthogenic than curing A holistic health care is central to 5 Promoting and accepting expression of positive and science of caring is negative feelingsthe practice of caring in nursingcomplementary to the science Being present to and supportive of expression of nursing is a human science of of curingveve feelings recognizing both as important to persons and human healthillness deep interpersonal connection between self and experiences that are mediated by
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