NURS407 Study Guide - Final Guide: Asepsis, Sputum, Tracheotomy

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If adventitious sounds remain despite nursing interventions (postural drainage, percussion, nebulization), consider suctioning: assess patient"s understanding of procedure. Provide comfort/education as required: check order and assess appropriateness of order, consult the policy & procedure manual, gather appropriate equipment. Select catheter no larger than one-half diameter of patient"s airway and appropriate length. Encourage patient to take a few deep breaths or if unable, provide 3 to 5 deep ventilations with bvm: open suction kit or catheter with use of aseptic technique. If a sterile drape is available, place it across the patient"s chest or on the overbed table. Do not allow the suction catheter to touch any nonsterile surfaces or leave in protective covering: open and set up basin. Squeeze small amount onto open sterile catheter package without touching package: don sterile glove on dominant hand, pick up suction catheter with sterile hand and attach suction-control port of tubing of suction source (held with non-sterile, non-dominant hand).