NURS491 Final: Body Systems Overview N491 6W2

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Brain & spine development and functions: http://www. macmillan. org. uk/_images/brain-lobes-functions- labelled_tcm9-155258. jpg http://www. organsofthebody. com/images/spinal-cord. jpg. Development of the brain and spinal cord occurs early in gestation, in the first 3 4 weeks, beginning with neural tube closure. During early fetal development, genetic disorders, infections, teratogens and malnutrition can result in malformations in the developing brain and spinal cord and damage the cns development. Development of the nervous system is complete but immature at birth because the neurons in the brain are not fully myelinated. As myelination increases, the speed and accuracy of nerve impulses also increase. Myelination proceeds in a cephalocaudal direction, which is why infants are able to control their neck and head before extremities. Head size: (head is the fastest growing part during infancy) Infant and young child large in proportion to the body (infants: of the body height) Adult 1/8 of the body height. Know your patient"s health history (including the mother"s pregnancy history), family history and history of the present illness.

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