NURS494 Study Guide - Final Guide: Renal Function, Alanine Transaminase, Glucose Tolerance Test

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13 Jan 2017

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For someone on heparin, it"s 1. 5-2 times the normal range: 45-80 seconds someone on warfarin is 1. 5-2. 5 times the aptt: Therapeutic range for someone on warfarin: 2-3. D-dimer: 0-250 ng/ml (may also be reported as positive or negative) 5% or less indicates absence of diabetes mellitus. 200 mg/dl mg/dl priority. never get to the next letter: and cardiac arrest will ensue. transported around the body in the blood, know as: Breathing if this isn"t possible oxygen won"t reach the lungs and be. Circulation without which hypoxia lesser known phrase, (cid:498)look, listen, and feel. (cid:499) These are the basic life saving principals and they combine with that only slightly. Look in the mouth to make sure airway is clear. Whether in the er, the or, or on the floors this is nursing 101. food, water, shelter, rest, sleep activity, and temperature maintenance, are crucial for survival. for safety has both physical and psychological aspects.

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