PHIL215 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Prima Facie, Medieval Commune, Act Utilitarianism

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K n r,.r1 lA ri tS r{
( l8*^con\. rj morr-i E+iO)
Peopte t-\c,,"v<. , '+ !h< c<;,. gacr !1 +u *t i r"k \o3i r+\\1 l r*f i u noJ [t1
-> h,.,t.ncrn.S hc,r,ve {t'ert rrrork, Ncl lo b<-
Ltseo\ as obieJts
A{*-*6ltx8.[pt,'gt - o.b\e t., SetS -qovern tt-rarnSelueS. T<., ob.ey L.t,
Kcnntian (no.'Auri\\ ; + Loar,\in1 \o o.\wo-.4 s a"ct &cco .J;nq io rrr<, qooJ
d*b 'PLpre sno..,,,\'.,\ Jo t\re ri.rb,\ "th''i"''q oI+ o$
dq-s#" +CI ,io sc rlot becouse' i+t c\ i<rb;r 3i veS
hwm ,F\tos*re 'Piec^srr".e dr"s nol ol,;ota-l.e, u-,{-lc.,t
\s 1^q6.o-\.
-A tr,,a.1s J.r, the ni3ht thi n3 re3arj kss o+
-1.e.. i s he,,ver ;.ts+,+,.l+iu,-.,- +c, a_<*
-The.g is no fi\or.r\ ff.afe. \ho", cr.n.rther.
*he con,S eNraenc_s-S,
irn nnoro"\Lq "
A l\ 6q ". €f u ot \ l.'y i rrvpo " lq,
CargCxoetcar. \ttprR A-r r vE : rrr\ ttncc.rJ ifiono-\ 1vroro,l obrigo-Fion
l-hc^t rs binJrnl in,or\l ,1,r.*r".,sienceS\ iS ^ui dng*n{rn
on & p."so.,'i jnc,\incr-,lrion or pwrpose.
l+ 1st 6"yna-fi6n : alw.."1 S o"ct d-Lco rott n3 to ru,[eS ]hc* _. g o ",1 fhi yrft S ho .,rrr
. ...,, ..',,,,*ul i:.r be gn.Fo rctz,d cr"S un iizgrsa.l lorwS f^
o\ .,,^ . .,,. T*k,lg .oF,..o,,p"olit tha,#-&x*u\s pot5;br {,\ ci .n.y'F,.i''
,',-.*i,:.i..,, ,".1't Pro {\\ i"cs- ot-Hr<- t,Jr U' e.S . ire,z..*;nj o rvtt< i,}rcr* Lo*rJ *j"
""I"-ll;r.-' lvz- pass'|b;\i\ ut so+isfyinS 'nsj .urn r.,.aeJs^
\ 2na Form^hon; 4l wrx19 ,{-r.o,t oyi-rer- pe-ogL< ttnd, yuurs e-t f ccs an
€ircr\ rztnd nz(LC a.S a. nneqns <snlg
- Re coq'niae ovott4onets irufrinS i c rJo r^ln. (ons ia4"c-r
npa.&{ o'nC infiere';F, ?{ ar,tl p€o gV (an'l funy ?.ugL
f\,v,.i c l'u.,lrncnfr. fiq kt-f,.S
S h...ttd. rroi eL+ pJ'"knn ollg( a""bifran f3, rnc^"k* nJ "9[etiS ion
to r per sons i,.,it-'o qre . op"* bw o f ,loin 3 so rui*s-ej'vzs
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-Tn+ mo".ol
ht-{- .a,t i li"l-
a*{cck"[ Y
brrlcince .tl, t
l-: i tadvantag es' - r-ro
t^1tLi rA{1iA}J ISM
cculion is fhe 0n< l-hd* fes,.r'\ts in the gre,r*€,St
.%r the q'r<c-*.-*eSt numb<,r oF ttros<, t^Jl^ro ers
Ac+;on iS rifrtf on\1 ^i i it gr,r"{.,cL€s the g.,-ea,fes.l
plectS'at^g. Over poriq 'for e-ver^1cne,. fe\epl.r3:.o\ "Theor.r
oni\ if, its brin3s c,'b.r.^t *he 1rca'fest
pa,,\fi €ot- lhe Xrec'test numb*lr of peopte
Act U+i\i+r.riafl iSm
> An a.el I s r iqht \F, a,^'ci'
ba\qnce- o[ p\za\ure ov€'t'
g'rv{n thc op\io nS .
il rheses.
(D Cou Seav"eNTtALlsT : l\-le riqrut6e53 ol o.c,lir:ns is oLefe,rrrur-nec[ by
i o n tt Xt^.Qn L<-\ , "rt,
O HgDOrur sM: li?tri;*"S.r|..'F..3i.^Es\ anA o..L-1 p\<ctr '*e is i,tllh"ro"{<,t.1 3o*,t.
@ Uhx tMALrSl-t: it ri3ht accf ion hc.S the <l re ct-te-Sf arnount ol g ood
:::::3;:1,-- po:::i,h\e i;n<-n b,t.r cons e1,ve.nca-q are .'^-ria
O t tr-riv€fiSrrl t SH,'*Tn< LoaseTv?n ceS o+ gverlcn: conrSi.le-.r.&.
hAvo+r.,*"S '. - a1i rn 's cr-* ey*^'Li 14
- lon$orrnS Ir: o*r in',""t
jihbn, h,".e h,,amcr
tanselr*o,,*<.s vnq*ler ?v\4' nqrnc n 'alct[-b<rn3 ^^o'{-Fer{tln
DiSu.Jua r#otqeX: - 1n;oa't-' o^ riSr"vlS e**11-i'x-
* huro\ r,-o o,."\c,-i.*t<- 0v<'( gerrioJ o$ +iw"/ in co''npariSe n
t?ute Ufi I ilariani srrl
) an e,ef i S rnora,l ,'t ornc) onl,v i$, i + coqfbrnnt +'3 & r.r,Le. ru<,teS
Qenerot ltg pr'ooLr,r-c<- *he $t" oFeSt bc''\qr,g,<. of p\zotSucre CIV<f Por.t i-,cr
- no 's+'^p' ti A 'tr'ith J'ttt . c cuIt"14fi'cns
- prc:ter?s i not; vicl"<u"I r ilhfs'
p,-<rre(fi<,n C{ minO,-'\ efouto f
is J,tS',c.<,\t *" qezr-e,"-.',-\it u"-t,J;",
tbA : r,:St-ge.' Anr"t\1S1S -; u'Seor. *o cl.gtgrr''ine rhe a.esirab;i,l'g of inwSlrn.l r
o pro;ect. ?re-ta,^t &{Ltr." eL(in b<rraht vS ?r<S<n+/#wFrare econ rcstl
'r+p.c"r6[to pr'ic-1, irflfl&ec'|5.^'rotbre th)ngS.Sorxe-ttinais no\ b& q.,vcr,r,qruferl Eor-oly b,:rve.'\.on '"rar,4
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R r c^t1rs
i.{}"t : L\cti rn r^"tJe b1 ptu(- prrr! otgcrtngt otnoth", to ",\o
...'ff or r<-$r*in Sro"t, (frtb.o"\ o[.oin3 S-ortt<"tl'ri^J.
K i.,oLs "S R,8 hls'
1>os i*itze , 1c, Jor s r- .- S?dfrc: a3a"inSts cl. nctrned par{-y
Le3"ul:orrXin^fes in i69\-t.rtion of lJne- \o.t^.> (.uiniv<,cs*\ &
i"\orout: gri3inates in u h*,t"nen fealon Bas<J on Grcf thott i^.,<-
6^nl I {:; httr".an r& ro.-*i-on"tl. rJo..,.$ not ge\\ s<.\{ i ntd. S\aveg<-wsi\nj
Economir, [;?,."ii:,] #":'kt'^soo-\ .Ireo-ts p.ople cr-s ft,.,rors
o{ p}odccc*ion .' t t9.,,"ottj take-n by b.,tsineSSeS .
n€4cl'+ivs "- {o *orbe"crr
R i3h+s n r€, .
'Free -lo hrtrn ani lvs l-o *he t:xlc-n1
6e n"s gecreJ (t<i^t)
- c\LLc),-b on i eJ b y c'[u'''tt-es t"u^
foE -Jorr' to do some{t'tit'3
a\ge3 rilhl.
fha,v$ ..4 o^ o\(e i n{-..rrrn e_J . Mt r s t
8o rneo ne else
wr,h \ 't con*ti cts u..llYh sc' rneo ne
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