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University of Alberta
Matthew Kostelecky

PHILOSOPHY 249 Greek ø is about trying to know things as they undergo change. How do we know things even though they are changing? There seems to be some kind of permanence and immutability to things, despite that they are changing and dying. Everything is undergoing a process of CORRUPTION / DESTRUCTION / CHANGE HERACLITUS - one of his aphorisms is you can never step into the same river twice. (everything is always undergoing a constant process of change, alteration, destruction) for heraclitus, the basic constituent feature of the universe is POLEMUS, a struggle. (also translated fight or war) EVERYTHING IS BECOMING. PYTHAGORAS - the stability of things. geometry. the triangularity of triangles. harmonies that attain between different notes. STABILITY, PERMANENCE PARMENIDES - All is being. Everything that is, has to be, because if it isn't, it isn't. Because nothing isn't anything, so anything that is, is. So being is the basic substrate. This means there is permanence and change. PLATO - harmonizes these two perspectives: change & stability. like the pythagoreans, we have sta
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