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Matthew Kostelecky

PHILOSOPHY 249 william of champeaux's first theory second objection to "material essence realism": if the accidents are all genera too, how do i predicate substance of other ultimate genera. accidents are supposed to make particulars of a species different. but if each of the nine is its own genus, how does it manifest as only one instance of its multiple potentials. for these various advening forms to differentiate the species and particulars from the ultimate ONE of the top genera, these advening forms cannot themselves be genera. WILLIAM OF CHAMPEAUX'S SECOND THEORY: "INDIFFERENT REALISM" they call things discrete "the same," not ESSENTIALLY, but INDIFFERENTLY. THE SAME THINGS THEY CALL SINGULAR ACCORDING TO THEIR DISCRETENESS THEY CALL UNIVERSAL ACCORDING TO THEIR 'INDIFFERENCE' AND THE AGREEMENT OF LIKENESS. "PERSONAL" DISCRETENESS DOES NOT ARISE FROM THOSE FORMS BUT IS FROM THE VERY DIVERSITY OF THE ESSENCE, JUST AT THE FORMS THEMSELVES ARE DIVERSE FROM ONE ANOTHER IN THEMSELVES. You have a discrete essence. But if I take reference to what you are as a universal, you are indifferent in your nature as a human. VARIATION 1: some people take the universal thing as conisting only in a 'collection' of several things. but if the collection determines the species, it is going backwards! if you must collect the thing first to have the universal, rather than having the universals determine the particulars. you can take just the people in this classroom, say we are just this group, and we are a universal species. any collection can be. the parts that make up joe gurba are a collection, that makes joe gurba a universal, not a particular. "THERE WOULD BE NO FEWER UNIVERSALS THAN SINGULARS" universals are supposed to exist entirely in the things they inhere. socrates is entirely an animal. browny is entirely an anim
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