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Matthew Kostelecky

PHILOSOPHY 249 ST. BONAVENTURE FRANCISCANS LIKE PLATO. franciscans later are SCOTUS and OCKHAM DOMINICANS LIKE ARISTOTLE AND PICK UP FROM THE ARABS. THE FRANCISCANS ARE REALLY INTO ALL THE ORIGINAL LATIN MEDEIVAL STUFF. BONAVENTURE NEGATIVELY DISPOSED TO ARISTOTELIAN ARABIC PHIL HE IS POSITIVELY DISPOSED TO PLATO. LOOK AT THE BOOK'S TITLE: THE MIND'S JOURNEY INTO GOD BELIEVE THAT LIFE IS A JOURNEY: call the human being "the wayfarer" It is the MIND that is used to reach God. How does the mind go from senses to God. THROUGH A SERIES OFVERTICAL ASCENTS that is in itself very Platonic. he talks about how we get past our sensorial starting point to go higher. 1277 aristotle is translated at the end of the 1100s happening things: reintroduction of aristotle. late 12C the University begins. Coalesced around groupings of catherdral schools where you would go to learn to become a cleric. University is built on medeival guild society: you get your ticket, then journeymen, then you are a master. similar things you ahve to do to teach in a university. It was declared in the Paris University in 1225 that you can't teach aristotle. YOU STUDIED THE ARTS (philosophy and science) TO GET OUT OF IT, you studied it as a preparation for the much more serious things like: LAW (canon and civil), MEDICINE, THEOLOGY. but you couldnt get into these without going through the arts. a lot of the really smart people went into theology. The edict not to teach Aristotle: in about ten years, everyone has ignored it. no one listens to the bishop in paris on this. BONAVENTURE AND AQUINAS They both die in 1274 219 propositions (p.539 of our text) are CONDEMN
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