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Physical Education, Recreation and Leisure Studies
Wendy Doughty

PERLS 335 – Final • Have to incorporate textbook concepts for full marks • If its a community event, we can think ahead to what we would need • When you write organizational positions, you need to write numbers • You will have to determine event details 1.) State assumptions. Expand on content of the event. What assumptions are you making in order to respond to the question • Assumptions piece is the first page – justify why you did what you did. More details about the event. As you do a question, you may have to go back and make the details more detailed • For assumptions, we have to think critically. If I were running this program, how would I do this? • Ex. You cant have 26 volunteers for a week long event 2.) Know SWOT analysis* SWOT’s internal considerations What are the events strengths? Strengths: characteristics of event that give it an advantage over others These are the attributes of your event which are helpful in achieving event's objectives. For e.g.: experienced event team, high motivation level, excellent PR, good market share etc. What are the events weaknesses? Weaknesses: are characteristics that place the event at a disadvantage relative to others These are those attributes of your event which are harmful in achieving event's objectives. For e.g.: social loafing, lack of funds, inexperienced event team, low energy level, lack of media and corporate contacts etc. SWOT’s external considerations What Opportunities exist in the environment/marketplace These are those external factors which are helpful in achieving the event's objectives. For e.g.: little competition, favorable economic conditions, support from the local authorities, availability of the state of the art infrastructure etc. What threats or dangers does our event face? These are those external factors which are harmful in achieving the event's objectives. For e.g.: high competition, little or no support from local authorities, bad weather, poor infrastructure, high lab our rate, unavailability of raw material etc. It is very important that you conduct SWOT analysis before developing an event plan to develop a strategy which maximizes the potential of strengths and opportunities of your project and at the same time, minimizes the impact of the weaknesses and threats. • Know the difference between internal (things you can control) and external factors (things you cannot control) • Swot will tell us the key focus areas for swot analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats • On opportunities and threats, you can have something like weather which can be an opportunity and threat 3.) Develop a strategy for the event – why utilize volunteers and why attractive to volunteers. • Say what you are going to do to attract volunteers • Say why it is attractive to volunteers • We use volunteers to help deliver the organizations goals alongside other members and staff • Use of volunteers helps the community have a say in what we do • Use of volunteers gives a personal feel to services to clients • Volunteers help build links to other organizations and clients • Sometimes volunteers can provide specific services that professionals cant • Under recruitment, we would talk about how we attracted volunteers 5 methods of recruiting 1.) Warm body – effective for short term simple positions, like a day of handing out flyers. Spread the message about potential volunteer position to as many as possible. Use papers, distribution of brochures, media, community groups, and word of mouth to spread the word 2.) Targeted recruitment – we have a specific type of person we want as a volunteer and we find them. Examine current volunteers to see if there are any common factors like do they all have the same motivation, same education, same ethnic group, hear about the position in a similar way? Common factors will help identify populations who seem to like the position (ex. If we are trying to get hockey players to volunteer for an event, we may put posters up near an outdoor rink) Note: we could use a warm body and targeted recruitment approach.. create an ad and say something like, are you hockey player? Players who volunteer with rexall get to see behind the doors with rexall place. Call the oilers today. 3.) Concentric circles recruitment – basically word of mouth and volunteers telling friends to volunteer. Its a lazy way to get volunteers. 4.) Ambient Recruitment – designed for a closed system, that is a group people who have a high sense of self identification and connectedness like a church 5.) Brokered Volunteer Recruitment – boost recruitment efforts by connecting with other groups who aim to provide volunteers for community events. Ex. Local volunteer center) 4.) Create an organization structure for the event showing reporting relationships, departmentalization, and span of control • 1 or 2 at the top 7 is the magic number for the next level. Then you should have ppl working on site, security, troubleshooting – specify how many people you have in each category. You don't have to have the magic 7. Shouldnt have too much under one role • Start the exam with the question you know best. Helps confidence and mark. 5.) Write 2 complete, fundamentally different job descriptions – chapter 4 • The job description question is worth 14 marks!!! • Use the elements from the templates on job description (remember evaluation) Title: what the pos
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