PEDS203 Study Guide - Final Guide: Motor Skill, Golgi Tendon Organ, Motor Learning

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Chapter 1: intro to motor performance & learning. Motor skill: skill for which the primary determinant of success is the quality of movement: as identi able motor task- interested in classifying various tasks (task perspective, as feature separating higher vs. lower level performers (performance pro ciency) Gross: involving larger muscle groups: less emphasis on precision and are typically the result of multi-limb movements, ex. Fine: skills involving very precise movements, accomplished using smaller (usually distal) muscle groups: ex. Discrete skill: usually brief: well-de ned beginning and end, prominent in context of many sports. Serial skills: several discrete actions linked together in a sequence: order is crucial to success, production requires longer time than discrete tasks. Continuous skill: no distinct beginning and end: ongoing, repetitive, cyclic in nature, environmental barrier or marker determines duration of activity. Motor skill: less emphasis on perceptual or decision-making aspects of task: ex.