PEDS203 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Linear Regression, Motor Skill, Task Analysis

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Midterm exam stuff oct 10: classify motor skill in 2 ways, skill performance, quality of movement. Info processing model: using rt as a mean of measuring whats going on in the info processing system, rt is a measurement of processing, stages of processing aren"t overlapping. Chap 1: concept of motor skill, motor skill a skill for which the primary determinant of success is the quality of the movement. Fine-gross: capturing the context, gentile 2-dimensional skill classification system. Maximum certainity of achieving goal: consistency, reproductibility. Sitauation based approach: context in which performance and learning takes place (ecological task analysis, task what. Individual who: environmental where, unique interaction between elements. Individual differences variance in motor performance (ex. Body type, fitness level; abilities: experimental approach determine average behaviour (groups of people, differential approach deviation from the group norm ( relation between abilities and skill, norm referenced tests, criterion referenced tests.

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