Final Review

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University of Alberta
Physical Education and Sport
Adrian Popescu

Final Review Dev 6 y 10 cumulative y Proportion textlecture only 9010 y Less than 30 MC y T Fless than 15 y Matching10 questions y Fill in blanksless than 10 questions y Diagram labelling and interpretation 23 questionsPart 3 Principles of Skill Learning Factors influencing skill acquisition y Chapter 7 second part y Chapter 8 supplementing learning experience y Chapter 9 y Chapter 10Chapter 7 y Learning experiencesituation in which people make deliberate attempts to improve their performance level Practitioners must consider y What the learner wants to achieve goals y Influences from past experiences transfer y The learner motivation abilities experience y Assessing progressFor effective assessments y Identify valid indicators of skilltarget behaviour and measures of performance y Find observable products of learning knowledge coordination movement efficieny attention error correction y When and how often to assess progress
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