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Physical Education and Sport
Jody Virr

Final Exam Prep Look at previous midterm reviews! 50% on old stuff Chap 11 Understand role of action in perception - give examples. What does the research say Know the historic views as opposed to the contemporary views today Understand the conclusions of studies regarding self produced locomotion Be able to define affordances. And what theory this fits best with Know the perception action link of posture and balance and how it changes in childhood vs adults Chp12 Undertand the influence society and culture has on what we do and where we do it Know examples oc Sociocultural constraints (ex. mores, attitudes), gender typing – how i tacts as a sociocultural constraitn Socioeconomic status plays a process as well Know how socializing agents paly a role in socialization Understand significant others and when they are the most influential and hwo they influence us Chap 13 • Be able to define and look at development of sel f esteem and how it changes through life depending on experience • Know the difference attribuations in high and low self esteem people • Look at motivation to participate and persist in activity and dropout – why they participate or choose to dropout Chpat 14 Define knowledge and how we define knowledge base Know difference between the differntt types of knowledge Know the diff between a novice and expert knowledge Know how knowledge varies through lifetime Chat 15 Know the 3 basic system – ATP PC etc Know the specific factors related on factors relating to anaerobic performance Know how growth influences anaerobic performance Know the changes that happen in older adulthood Know the male and female differences in this area Know relationship between VO2 and age (note the graphs and how the pattern changes) Notice the diff between boys and girls Know the specific structural changes that occur in cardio and resp sysem as we age and link the changes Know how training influences our anaerobic, aerobic, influence of training in young,
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