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University of Alberta
Physical Education and Sport
Brad Kern

Lab exam 10 minute time limit Must complete scene, primary, secondary survery, as well as treat any injuries/wounds Must be able to go through surveys abut also interpret certain info Be able to recognixe shock DECAPVLS etc. Don't forget to check for CSF and ear Scene survery is only worth 9 marks Primary survery – don't forget c spine Don't forget primary survery**** Lose marks for Forgetting things (not holding head correctly, stepping over patient, raising legs when someone is in shock) Inaccurate 10-15 counts Not trating shock Gain marks for Thoroughness, on observation, palpation Stating and applying entrie acronyms Know/under verbalize conditions - Going step by step with no missed checks Speak as you think ( ex. Im checking the arms for blood, TIC, DCAPPBLS) Perform motions as you would in real life (check hands, squeeze on TIC, check bot sides) Know acronyms AVPU, PERRLA, SAMPLE< PQRST< DCAPPBLS, TIC Remember CSF check in primary survey 10 sec counts in primary, 15 second counts in secondary survey Explain how to hold neck to gopher during hand off Treat for shock, after secondary vitals (loosen clothing, blanket) Must reassess vitals until ambulance arrives Rules of thumb Take your time Treat scenario Don't be afraid to go back and do things Verbalize! Practice test 1. Take charage os situation. Tell coach im gonna check them out. Play has stopped 2. Determine history of scene. MOI 3. Bystander info 4. Identify yourself Scene survey • Tell gopher to put on hand on either side of head • Establish c-spine control. Give instructions • Assess level on consciousness. Ask who you are, where you are, what it is, and what you were doing • Estabilsih airways. Open mouth and make sure its clear
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