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Involves intent: overt action physical or verbal, aggression is not an attitude or an emotion , purpose is to do physical/psychological harm, it is something that i see, 3. 2 min major up to a game misconduct : 4. When this assertive behaviours go a little to far! I"m still going to hurt you, but thats not the main reason i"m doing this behaviour! We must imply intent in order for us to assess what the penalties would/should be for the behaviours: innate instinct to be aggressive that build up until it must inevitably be expressed! What is leadership: leadership is the process whereby an individual in uences a group of individuals to achieve, involves the facilitation of motivated behaviour! Approaches to studying leadership: trait, behavioural, situational, interactional! Trait approach: key question: what personality characteristics are common in great leaders, results:, leaders have a variety of personality characteristics.

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