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PMCOL305 Study Guide - Gynecomastia

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Martin Davies

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1) what are anabolic steroids? What are they derived from? What are they originally
used for? T/F now it is a life style drug?
2) what are steroids? What are the two types of effects of steroids? Which one of
these do many people want? Is this possible?
3) What are the three types of steroids? You remove the 19-methyl group from
testosterone, what do you get? What are the effect od these? How about if you add
a ring to it what structure you get? What kind of effect do you get now? adding C-
17 methyl what does it do? Because of this methylation can you take it orally? T/F
stanozolol can be converted to female hormone.
4) Detection: when is detection hard? What do you usually look for in detection?
What are the two steroids you look for? What is the cut off? What is the way to
cheat this ratio?
5) What are problems with designer steroids (those that prevent you from getting
6) Anabolic Steroids mechanism: which receptor do they bind do? T/F these
receptors are intracellular. What happen if you have increase level of androgens
(way more then usually)? How do they produce muscles mass or proteins
(explain the step to generation of proteins)? What do they do to stem cells? Why
do you loss fat?
7) Problems: in terms of protein that is made, what is the problem? Why do people
have psychological issues with those taking these? How about the genes that are
8) Effects: T/F people take it in 1000times its normal dose? What is hypo-
gonadism? What are the effects in woman if you take a lot of these (tammy
9) Problem: since oyu inject it what are some problems? Why do men get
gynecomastia (increase breast size)?what enzyme are people now taking to
inhibit the the transfer of testestrogen and thus no boobs? What are some of the
permanent scars it can leave?
10) Acne issues: what does it look like? What is acne fulminans? T/F you can get
arthritis? What does the immune system respond do?
11) Human chronic gonadotropin: Why do we take these? What happens in
repeated treatment? What is some side effect?
12) Effects on organs: which organ is known to get more tumor and why? What are
cysts and why is it dangerous? Do these cysts reverse back?
13) Why do many people who take steroids die from cardiac issues? Is this yet
scientifically proven yet?
14) Cardio-vascular system: What happen to LDL (bad) cholesterol): HDL (good
cholesterol) ratio? Why do we get increase blood pressure? What about
inflammation and platelets aggregation?
15) Aggression: What is roid rage? T/F psychosis and severe depression and suicide.
What percent of depend vs non-dependent people do you see the above
symptoms? What are the two receptors that a sterioid can bind that is the key to
mood changes and depression? What is the name of the ligand that normally binds
to these receptors?
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