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Final Review - Political Science 101

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Political Science
POL S101
Davina Rousell

Final Exam Review Class o Vote, elections and political parties – first past the post vs. proportional representation and their pros and cons. Functions of political parties and their problems in contemporary times. o Civil society – their origins and importance – the media and it’s effects – challenges of social media, it’s impact on politics and economics. o International relations – anarchy, power politics (realist and liberals and their differing views on how to achieve peace and security in international politics). Neorealism and neoliberalism. Security dilemma. Mutual deterrence. Cold war. o Distribution of power in IR – unipolar and other polars. Difference between liberal and realist approaches to security (the UN and Security council – functions of UN etc.) State security to human security. o Alternative theories of – dependency, Postcolonialism, Poststructuralism, constructivism etc. Know some of the key assumptions of these theories. o You have to know how English School vs. constructivism, liberalism, realism o You have to know what realists will say about the situation in Syria, or elsewhere – areas for humanitarian intervention. o International organizations and IPE – nongovernmental and governmental. The UN – major international organization in IR. IMF, World Bank, World Trade organization (post world war as economic institutions – not just to prevent another war). o Anarchy is a concept in IR – anarchy as an ideology is different than anarchy in IR. Both realists and liberals and some constructiv
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