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University of Alberta
Blaine Mullins

1. The linguistic relativity hypothesis states that ________________________________. 2. Which of the following does thinking not involve? A. interpreting B. classifying C. forming concepts D. analyzing E. comparing F. remembering G. bottom-up processing H. making decisions I. solving problems J. reasoning 3. Computers are analogous to our brains/mind except that we _________________. 4. Computers are good at restructuring a problem T/F? 5. Computers filter information T/F? 6. Hollow Mask Illusion is an example of: A. Top-down processing B. Bottom-up processing C. a schema D. none of the above 7. Recognization = _________________ 8. Coffee is a formal concept T/F? 9. Which is false about concepts: A. they are fundamental to how we think B. they help us make sense of the world C. they influence the decisions we make D. they aid in classification E. none of the above Theories of concepts matching, classify each statement as classical, family resemblance, prototype, or exemplar: 10. everything is similar/related, but not one universal feature 11. has necessary and sufficient conditions 12. blue jay 13. penguin 14. concepts contain prototypes and exemplars 15. concept consists of averages of each object 16. all concepts have specific definitions 17. no clear boundary between concepts 18. Prototypes are classified with the left hemisphere T/F? 19. Exemplars are classified with the both hemispheres T/F? 20. Prototypes show activation in: A. Visual cortex B. prefontal cortex C. basal ganglia D. B and C 21. Exemplars show activation in: A. visual cortex B. prefrontal cortex C. basal ganglia D. B and C Category s
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