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Jennifer Passey

April 13Final Reviewdefine factor analysis list and briefly describe the 4 steps involved in factor analysis which aspect of a correlation the strength or the direction is most important factor in the analysis processFactor analysis is a method of analyzing patterns of correlations in order to extract mathematically defined factors which underlie and help make sense of those patterns Step 1 is to collect data in the form of a set of personality measures taken across a large sampling of people Step 2 is once the data is collected the researcher should statistically correlate the scores for each adjective with those for each of the other adjectives Step 3 is factor extraction where through statistical means the researcher identifies mathematical factors which best account for the observed pattern of correlations Step 4 is labelling the factors and this is a subjective process It is based on the researchers conception of the combined meanings of the cluster of items that contribute most heavily to the factor being named the strength Because each factor corresponds to a cluster of measures that correlate relatively strongly either positively or negativ
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