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Jennifer Passey

50 minutes 40 MC 1 long answer question worth 10 marks Good strategiesSpend 40 minutes on MC and 10 mins on long answerDo long answer first if you know itPotential long answer questions 1 What is an experiment What does an experiment allow us to conclude or establish that other research strategies do not Next describe what a correlationalal study is as well as what can and cannot be concluded from the results Finally briefly list the 3 other possible interpretations for the reslts of a correlational study that prevent us from making the same conclusions that can be made with the results of an experiment 2 Define both error and bias and identify the problems caused for researchers as a result of each Which poses a bigger problem for researchers and why Next define reliability and validity and identify which of these qualities is associated with error and which one is associated with bias Finally describe what it means to have a biased sample 3 Define both morphemes and phonemes Next list and define the 2 classes of
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