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Deanna Singhal

Chapter 7: Mechanisms of Perception 1. Endogenous attention is top down, while exogenous attention is bottom up T / F? 2. Hammer = 3. Anvil = 4. Stirrup = 5. Ossicles magnify sound __x 6. The semicircular canals are fluid filled, while the cochlea is not T / F? 7. Auditory nerve is composed of: A. multipolar neurons B. unipolar neurons C. bipolar neurons 8. The cochlea is ______ and ______ at the base and _____ and _____ at the apex. 9. The apex is considered to be below: A. 100 Hz B. 200 Hz C. 300 Hz D. 400 Hz 10. The cochlea is ____ coding along the membrane, except for the apex which is ____ coding. 11. The pathway to auditory cortex is: A. Cochlea>Auditory nerve>Cochlear nuclei>Superior olives>tectum>Medial geniculate nucleus B. Cochlea>Auditory nerve> Superior olives> Cochlear nuclei >tectum>Medial geniculate nucleus C. Cochlea>Auditory nerve>Cochlear nuclei> tectum >Superior olives> Medial geniculate nucleus D. Cochlea>Auditory nerve> Medial geniculate nucleus>Cochlear nuclei>Superior olives>tectum 12. In the auditory cortex, info crosses over at the superior olives (hindbrain) T / F? 13. The lateral lemniscus has two tracts, and is primarily contralateral T / F? 14. The lateral superior olives respond to differences in: A. arrival time B. amplitude C. frequency D. none of the above 15. The medial superior olives respond to differences in: A. arrival time B. amplitude C. frequency D. none of the above 16. The deep layers of the superior colliculus are laid out according to auditory space T / F? 17. Heschl’s gyrus: A. is the primary auditory cortex B. is bigger in the right hemisphere C. responds to pitch D. all of the above 18. Planum temporal: A. is Wernicke’s area B. is Broca’s area C. involved in language comprehension D. A and C E. B and C 19. Posterior
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