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Deanna Singhal

Starting with receptive fields (63): 1. Receptive fields of foveal areas are larger than those in periphery T/F? 2. Receptive fields are circular in shape in: A. all of V1 B. lower layer IV of VI C. simple cells D. complex cells 3. Neurons are binocular in: A. retinal ganglion B. LGN C. Layer IV D. simple cells E. complex cells 4. Many neurons have both receptive fields with both an exhibitory and inhibitory area T/F? 5. If both on and off areas are completely illuminated, there is no effect on the cells firing T/F? 6. Which is false of simple cells? A. They are rectangular B. They have static on and off regions C. They are orientation and motion sensitive D. They are monocular 7. Which is false of complex cells? A. Many are binocular, with ocular dominance B. They have larger RFs than simple cells C. They have static on and off regions D. They are location sensitive E. C and D F. none of the above 8. The primary afferent layer is lower layer IV T/F? 9. Most mammals are dichromats, and some birds, fish
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