PSYCO105 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Heliocentrism, Ted (Conference), Conscientiousness

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11 Apr 2014

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Anna o: was a famous psychological patient, diagnosed as a hysteric (emotional imbalances that affect your life) and had many bizarre symptoms, language disorders (talk in gibberish), phantom pains, paralysis, mood changes, amnesia, none of symptoms could be linked to psychological causes, ailments get associated with women because they were more likely to seek help, hysteria as female symptom. Sigmund freud noted that hypnotic questioning, and in some cases merely discussing life problems, often resulted in the disappearances of symptoms and a sense of catharsis: was ambitious and wanted to name a for himself, willingness to attempt hypnotic therapy was in part due to the fact that is was so divergent from medical practice at the time, magnet therapy: transfer symptoms with a magnet, motivated to try different things, after people bitched about their problems, they felt really good after = talking cure , had dramatic and immediate effect.

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