PSYCO241 Study Guide - Availability Heuristic, Nonverbal Communication, Self-Reference

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Social influence is at the heart of social psych we are all influenced by other people. Social influence extends beyond attempts to change a person"s behaviour includes our thoughts, feelings, overt actions. Even when we are not in the physical presence of other people, we are still influenced by them. Social psychology: scientific study of the way in which people"s thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are influenced by the real/imagined presence of other people. Concerned with how people are influenced by their interpretation (construal) of their social environment. Na ve realism: conviction we all have that we perceive things as they really are" assume that other reasonable people see things the way we do. Belief that the other side is biased and that our thoughts are objective. Social psych is experimentally based; empirical; systematic. Cannot simply ask people what influences them, b/c may not be aware of the origins of their own response. Folk wisdom common sense; journalists, social critics, novelists.