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PSYCO323 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: HeritabilityExam

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Daphne Vrantsidis
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PSYCO 323: Infant & Child Development
As demonstrated in Turkheimer et al. (2003),
socioeconomic status (SES) modifies the heritability of IQ.
This week’s discussion activity will focus on how SES may
influence IQ.
Do you think parents raising children in low SES households should worry that “your genes
are your destiny”? To what extent do you think interventions or changes in the environment
can improve IQ scores for children from low SES households? Explain your answer.
The results of Turkheimer et al. (2003) cannot tell us about which environmental factors
might impact IQ. What are some ways in which the environments of low, middle and high
SES families might differ? How do you think these factors affect IQ? Be sure to consider
multiple systems of environmental influence (i.e., not just differences in home environment).
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