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PSYCO323 Quiz: Discussion Activity 4Exam

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Daphne Vrantsidis
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PSYCO 323: Infant & Child Development
Language Development
In class we talked about how experience affects vocabulary
development. As demonstrated in DeLoache et al. (2010), not
all experiences are helpful for language development. This
week’s discussion activity will focus on interpretation of
DeLoache et al.’s (2010) findings.
Why do you think infants don’t seem to learn language from videos? Do you think
videos targeted to infants could be modified so that babies learn from them? Why or
why not? If yes, how would you modify the video?
Would you expect results similar to what was found in DeLoache et al. (2010) for (1)
other types of digital technology (e.g., video games, iPads), and (2) older children? For
both (1) and (2) explain why or why not.
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