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PSYCO323 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Michio Kaku, Autobiographical MemoryExam

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Daphne Vrantsidis
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PSYCO 323: Infant & Child Development
Conscious Computers?
As a culture, we seem to be captivated by the idea that someday it
might be possible to design computers or robots that possess
consciousness. Physicist Michio Kaku suggests that we could even
transport someone’s individual consciousness into a robot
( In today’s
discussion, you will be asked to explore the implications of such a
First, consider the components of consciousness we discussed in class (self-awareness,
attention, and autobiographical memory). Do you think it is possible to program each of
these components into artificial intelligence? Why or why not?
Second, if (as Kichio Kaku suggests) someone could move your brain, neuron-for-neuron,
into a robot, do you think you would still be the same person?
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