RELIG274 Study Guide - Final Guide: Industrial Revolution, William Wynn Westcott, Zande People

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***film: the burning times *** the film tried to frame a certain characteristic or occupation for those who were accused (wise women for example) however there just is not enough proof to support such a absolute claim. ***not one theory that everyone agrees upon for why for the majority women were targeted *** Women were thought to be more susceptible to diabolism- that is what women were like. Naturally according to the viewpoint of the time. Weaker than men, more likely to be fooled, and therefore more susceptible to the devil, this idea then follows that women were physically weaker and were tempted by the devil. Women also filled roles in society that made them more likely to be accused (such as the midwife or the cook, because they would have had access to herbs and such, as well ad knowledge of healing.

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