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Melanie Muise

 Fallout from Nuclear testing:  Exposure led to increase in thyroid cancer and benign thyroid nodules.  Disturbances in growth were also noted among exposed children.  Accidents at nuclear plants:  To estimate exposure, we used a mathematical dispersion model, which accounted for modifying factors such as weather, wine, and terrain and which was validated against readings from offsite dosimeters.  Nuclear-waste containment:  A special health hazard associated with nuclear power is the production of vast inventories of radioactive wastes.  These wastes consist of uranium mill tailings, transuranic wastes (defined as materials containing more then 100 nanocuries of transuranic material power gram of waste), high level of wastes (which cludes spent fuel rodes and the slidges left behind when spent fuel rods are reprocessed to extract plutonium, and low level wastes many include a wide range of materials many of which are intently radioactive.  Low-level wastes have been stored at a number of waste dumps.  One unique aspect of the danger associated with radioactive wastes derives not only from the extreme toxicity of these materials but also from the great longitivity of many of their isotopes.  Radon:  Radon represents over half of all the ionizing radiation exposures of the general population.  Radon is gas can accumulate to high levels in enclosed spaces, such as underground mines and the ba
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