SOC100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Reductionism, Indirect Rule, Neoconservatism

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12 Jul 2013

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Sociology is: the systematic study of society, the unsystematic study of society, statistical stuff and heavy-duty theoretical bullshit , all of the above. It"s all of the above. sociology is defined as the social science that studies the development, structure, and functioning of human society . Ibn khaldun arab scholar (first to carry out a systematic study of sociological subjects and set his thoughts down in writing) Max weber german sociologist, identification of a set of values embodied in early. Protestantism that he believed led to the development of modern capitalism. He called this set of values the protestant ethic. Different kinds of sociology: structural functionalism functionalism focuses on how social systems, in their entirety, operate and produce consequences. Social facts are patterned ways of acting, thinking and feeling that exist outside of any one individual but exert social control over all people.

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