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Alison Dunwoody

Sociology midterm 1 review (stuff not in the notes or you just have trouble remembering) Chapter 1: - Sociological imagination o The ability to view human lives as shaped by social forces o Personal troubles and social issues are connected (micro is attached with macro) - Norm: Society’s expectations on how we are supposed to act think and look. - Normative: behaviors, appearances and thoughts that correspond to society’s norms. - Enrolling into university has become more of a norm over the past few years o Back then, women in the like, 1950s wouldn’t even think of enrolling. They would be getting married young, having children and be a full time stay at home mom. - Agency: People’s capacity to make choices, which then have an impact on other people and on the society in which they live. - Sociology unlike other sciences takes all different factors of society. Other sciences may only focus on specific factors of society Categories of theory Positivist - Focuses on explanation and prediction - Example: A law can be made due to prediction by looking at the existing factors that stem from the crime. - Functionalism is a positivist contemporary theoretical network Interpretive - Focuses on the ways that people come to understand themselves, others, and the world around them. It is said to be constructed by everyday people - Example: Exploring what a “real” man means - Interactionism is an interpretive Critical - Focusing on the role that power plays in social processes - Example: feminism is a critical contemporary theoretical network. Function types in functionalism: - Manifest: intended o Job training. - Latent: unintended o Finding the love of your life - Dysfunction: society does not fulfill it’s function effectively, no positive connection to it. o A dysfunctional family where all family member’s functions cannot be fulfilled. Values: - Collectively shared criteria by which we determine whether something is right or wrong Praxis: - The responsibility that the future generation has which is to provide the people in subordinated (lower powered) or marginalized groups Discourses - Ways of understanding a particular subject or social phenomenon Proletariat are subordinated to the bourgeoisie Chapter 2 Concept - An abstract idea that is expressed as a word or phrase Ope
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