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SOC 100-TermsandPeopleforSection3

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Bryan Sluggett

Terms and People: Risk & Disaster, Deviance, Surveillance & Media, Sociology of Health Alternative medicine: any medical treatment that falls outside conventional Western practises; alternative to biomedicine Anomie: the state of confusion caused when the bond between individuals and social institutions breaks down (ex. disconnect parents feel from schools) Biomedicine: application of the principles of western scientific discipline (particularly biology) in diagnosis and treatment. Brain Drain: a loss of intellectual capital (ex. Medical Specialists leaving Canada to go to the U.S.) Catastrophe: not concerned with how likely it is rather on potential harm China Price: the true cost of China’s advantage in manufacturing, (the harm done to workers and environment, etc.) Commodification: turn into or treat as a commodity Conflict Deviance:behaviour that is subject to debate as to whether it is deviant or not. Covert characteristics: not openly acknowledged or displayed Cultures of medicine: how we understand/treat health varies across cultures Cultures of poverty: Delinquent subculture: subordinate suture of teenage gangs (A. Cohen) Deviance: “straying from the norm/usual”, neutral term Dominant Culture: the culture that through its political and economic power is able to impose its values, language, beliefs, norms, etc. on a given society E. Franklin Frazier: Ecofeminism: combines ecological concerns with feminist ones, argues they are the result of male domination Environmental Refugees: people forced to leave their home die to sudden threatening changes in the local environment Epidemiology: the study of public health, specifically the incidence and spread of disease Farming Culture: a culture that practises sophisticated form of agriculture (Ex. involving such practises as irrigation, ploughing and fertilization), growing and harvesting food crops and raising livestock for sustenance of commercial sale. Françoise d’Eaubonne: Frederick Thrasher: Heteronormative: relating to the norms, mores, rules, and laws that uphold heterosexual standards of identity and behaviour and hetersexuality as natural and universal Horticultural: denoting cultures involved in small-scale subsistence agriculture Human Capital Thesis: relationship between the expansion of education and economic growth: as industrial societies invest in factories and equipment, they invest in schools to enhance knowledge and skills of their workers Hunter-gatherer culture: a culture that depends on fishing, hunting, and harvesting wild crops, typically nomadic following migration patterns, and seasonal crops Impression Management: the ways which people present themselves publicly Industrial Culture: a city-based culture that depends on large scale manufacturing and the conversion of natural resources into commercial goods Inverse Care Law: Areas where poverty i
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