SOC100 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Erving Goffman, Primordialism, Misogyny

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11 Apr 2014

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Social status: e. g. , merton: professor, sociologist, amateur magician, father to robert c, achieved status: status you were not born into but entered (i. e. , choice) oprah winfrey, ascribed status: status you were born into (i. e. , circumstance, degree to which status is achieved or ascribed depends on societal freedoms & social motility (movement from one class to, master status: introduced by everett c. hughes another, usually a higher one, signifies the status that a person identifies with over all of his/her other statuses. Formal rationalization/ rationality: improving the effectiveness of an organization or business practices through 4 elements: efficiency, quantification, predictability, control, asking, have we instituted particular forms in our organization, differs from substantive rationality: emphasizes values and ethical norms, rather than efficiency of business practices, organizations governed by this rationality are constantly asking themselves, are we reflecting our values, weber: critical of formal rationality & bureaucracy disenchantment of the world irrationality of.