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SOC100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Planned Obsolescence, School Zone, Cultural Relativism

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Alison Dunwoody
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Sample Questions for Chapter 2 – Culture
1. Kate says that she believes in a god but she has never attended any religious services. Instead, she practices tarot and
astrology and she also believes in reincarnation. What do her spiritual practices and beliefs reflect?
a. tribalism
b. fundamentalism
c. premodernism
d. modernism
e. postmodernism
2. In Canada, professional gamblers, residents of a retirement community, teenagers, and lawyers are all examples of
which of the following?
a. subcultures
b. cultural relativists
c. ethnocentrists
d. countercultures
e. cultural universalists
3. According to the video Consumerism and the Limits to Imagination, the greatest concentration of “imagineers” is in
a. alcohol industry
b. post-secondary environment
c. advertising industry
d. news industry
e. children’s toy manufacturing sector
4. Which of the following is a criticism of multiculturalism?
a. it focuses only on the interests of the “charter groups” in Canada
b. it discourages ethnocentrism
c. its focus on cultural diversification hurts the interests of the poor
d. it leads to cultural relativism
e. all of the above
5. In Canada, which of the following would be the best example of the violation of a folkway?
a. a person having sexual relations with a sibling
b. cheating on a sociology midterm
c. a police officer taking a bribe
d. texting during a sociology class
e. all of the above
6. A Canadian sociologist receives a grant to study racial and religious prejudices among the peoples of Southeast Asia.
The sociologist makes a serious and unbiased effort to evaluate the norms, values, and customs of these groups in
light of the distinctive cultures of which they are a part. This sociologist is exhibiting which of the following?
a. cultural deconstruction
b. postmodernism
c. ethnocentrism
d. multiculturalism
e. cultural relativism
7. According to the Sapir-Whorf thesis:
a. language is the primary means by which cultural elements get passed on to the next generation
b. language influences how we see the world
c. language affects our emotional attachment to our environment
d. the English language is superior to all others
e. language is just one means by which human societies communicate
8. According to the video Consumerism and the Limits to Imagination, “planned obsolescence” refers to:
a. the introduction of too many options for the consumer to make rational choices
b. the difficulty people have finding the leisure time necessary to enjoy their material possessions
c. the use of market research to support the development of a continuous stream of new products and services
d. the strategy used by advertisers linking popular music to their products as a way to increase the sales of those
e. the practice of creating products that will become useless as quickly as possible in order to ensure maximum
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9. Canadians may believe that they are law-abiding but routinely fail to wear seatbelts or slow down in school zones.
What does this demonstrate?
a. the distinction between status consistency and status inconsistency
b. the distinction between values and norms
c. the distinction between ideal culture and real culture
d. the distinction between folkways and mores
e. the distinction between cultural relativism and ethnocentrism
10. Many hip-hop music artists who began their careers as politically rebellious musicians eventually became eager to do
which of the following?
a. trade their politics for profit
b. embrace new messages as the structure of society became transformed through their music
c. stop recording when their messages were accepted by the wider culture
d. keep producing music with a social conscience but only through their own independent recording companies
e. form various social movements to push for change
11. Our houses, the cell phones we use to stay in touch with each other, and the clothes we wear are examples of which
form of culture?
a. popular
b. literal
c. manifest
d. rational
e. material
12. When humans are able to understand the idea of gravity without having an apple fall on their heads, what are they
engaging in?
a. culture
b. cooperation
c. rationalization
d. abstraction
e. production
13. According to the video Consumerism and the Limits to Imagination, quality of life research has revealed that:
a. there is a direct correlation between having more and being happier; material possessions lead to greater
b. fewer people are truly happy due to their stagnating wages and their inability to consume
c. developing countries have higher rates of happiness than developed countries
d. there is no connection between GDP growth and quality of life; people are richer but no happier
e. people are only truly happy when they have the leisure time necessary to enjoy their material possessions
14. In Canadian society, cannibalism is an example of:
a. a folkway
b. rationalization
c. a taboo
d. counterculture
e. a more
15. Holding maximum efficiency as the goal above all others is the central characteristic of which of the following?
a. globalization
b. rationalization
c. fundamentalism
d. industrialization
e. postmodernism
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