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Comprehensive Notes for Final Lecture

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Future Families 1. Families: always endangered? 2. Future trends a. Demographic aging b. Diversification of form c. Alternatives of marriage d. Fertility decline When was this said? - On all sides concern has been expressed over an ever increasing divorce rate. The institution of the family were are told, is endangered (2005) Family is always “endangered” - Constantly changing - Ideologically important - Reflects changes in broader society o More women in work force o Same-sex relationships - Family pessimism or family optimism o Optimism  Always work in progress  Looking constantly for changes Demographic Aging More older people - Increasing dependency ratio o (0-19) + (>65)/(20-64) Why does changing dependency ratio matter? - Public spending for elderly vs. public spending for young o Build schools or build old age homes? - Pension crunch o Retire… When? o As life expectancy increase, the demand for existing pension plans increase… People are now living into 90’s and still benefitting from their pensions o People who are in the workforce now, they will find themselves working harder and longer compared to generation before them - Sandwich generation - Gender
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