SOC271 Study Guide - Final Guide: Dependency Ratio, Sandwich Generation

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10 Apr 2014

Document Summary

Future families: families: always endangered, future trends, demographic aging, diversification of form, alternatives of marriage, fertility decline. On all sides concern has been expressed over an ever increasing divorce rate. The institution of the family were are told, is endangered (2005) Reflects changes in broader society: more women in work force, same-sex relationships. Pension crunch: retire when, as life expectancy increase, the demand for existing pension plans increase . People are now living into 90"s and still benefitting from their pensions: people who are in the workforce now, they will find themselves working harder and longer compared to generation before them. Gender implications: not going to be the same for men and for women, women do hands on day to day care. Means increase in steps and half"s : 10% of children under 14 live in stepfamilies. The percent of adults in their 20-29 resides with parents rises from 27 in 1981, to 43 in 2011.