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Comprehensive Notes for Lecture 4

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Forming Adult Relationshipsbaby boom post baby boom what influences dating and courtship how people end up in long term relationshipsBaby Boom interrupts fertility transitionWhyPostwar baby boomProsperityLegislation encouraging early household formationEarly marriageno effective contraception it was not legal until 1969Goes down because of birth control post secondary great movement of women into the paid workforce changes in gender roles inflationPost Baby Boom trends Marriage getting less popularDrop 1931 peak 1941 drop 1946 peak 1951 peak 1971 then drop until nowFewer people getting married post baby boomHappening later in life it climbs up after the baby boom The numbers have gone to the late 20s Now it is in older than older in ages There is a gap between ages of men and women Lowest age in marriage corresponds to the highest birth ratesLikely to End in DivorceWidowhood is very common back then It was much more likely for a marriage to end in a death of a partner Divorce was substituted by widowing women What happened1968 Trudeaus reform of divorce law divorce rates jumped1985 Divorce Act no fault divorce much easier whos couples whos marriages who have fallen to get a divorceDivorce rates have been decreasing since 1987Parenthood later
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