SOC271 Study Guide - Engagement, Demographic Transition, Parental Leave

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11 Apr 2014

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I"d like to start a family by the time i"m 30 -> family used to describe children, reproduction. My family comes from rajasthan -> family goes backwards in time, marker of continuity from past to present and into the future through reproduction. I"m looking for a family-friendly place for a vacation this summer -> family means things that are non-offensive, appropriate for families. My friends are like family to me. -> friends offer emotional support, share things, family is a type of connection. Canada"s immigration policy stresses family reuni cation. -> somebody who has a particular relationship with you, restrictive de nition, genetic connections or legal ties. Some approaches to de ning family: snaf: standard north american family (ideological family) Male breadwinner married to female homemaker/caregiver with joint children. Powerful ideological concept, but it no longer re ects social reality (if it ever did: census ( of cial family)

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