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27 Jan 2015

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A significant worry of mothers going into the workforce, and leaving the stay at home dad, is the worry that their children will call out for their fathers in the middle of the night instead of them. Preservation/protective care : to see vulnerability and respond to it with care, not indifference or flight. Emotional responsibility = preservation/protective care = the ability to know and attentively respond to a kid"s needs. Key points: fathers desire to be, and are capable of being, nurturing, fathers are different in the way they nurture. Reasons for these differences (men and women state these: gendered upbringing of parents (men grow up valuing sport, independence, and risk taking. They encourage these in their children: the belief that mothering and fathering are inherently different (men and women believe that women are better nuturers, whatever the reason might be. Even when the woman has walked out, men still say that the ex is a better mother/nuturer.

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