SOC271 Midterm: Summary Chart

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9 Sep 2016

Document Summary

Assumes that society is a living organism or machine, made up of a series of interrelated parts working together for the good of the whole (p. 13) Complementarianis m: the idea that men and women are meant for each other. Most conservative definitions of the family are based in functionalism. Historical materialism the idea that stuff comes from other stuff. Private property and the accumulation of this property in that hands of male patriarchs is the source of familial inequality. Thus, inequality within the family is not natural or inevitable and that. Change is a normal part of social life (p. 14). Focuses on understanding the balance between the costs and rewards that marital partners obtain when choosing to be and remain within a conjugal relationship (p. Assumes that human agents are rational actors with no personal history but humans aren"t always rational. Society is built from individuals and their immediate interactions.

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