SOC321 Study Guide - Final Guide: Murder Of Reena Virk, Value Over Replacement Player, Restorative Justice

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Soc 321 final exam notes (chapters 7, 9-12) Higher arrest rates, likely to be charged, denied bail, detained before court, 5% aboriginals 24% of people in jail. Prison for children is what residential schools were for their parents. Much younger population, more are poor, more live in cities. Colonial schools -> physical/sexual abuse -> social, health, psychological problems (drugs, alcohol, violence, homelessness) Cultural limbo = the city alienates aboriginals from white culture & aboriginal heritage. Purgatory results in either: endure degradation in the city, reverse cultural shock @ reserves. Sexual abuse, foster homes, self mutilation, neglect, drugs, Disconnected from family, childhood and cree culture. Suicide -> searched for culture & found talent in music and acting. Aboriginals commit suicide 5-6 times more than non-aboriginals. Man came with two friends & hit caleb"s mom in the head with a shovel, so he ran out and kicked the guy and stomped on his head.

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