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Sociology of Power 334 09-18

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Ariane Hanemaayer

SOCIOLOGY 334 THEORY MASH-UP review of the CLARK ET AL. argument we have all kinds of notions of why people obey a command Clark et al. posit STATUS INFLUENCE the model is constructed around the problem of HOW LARGE NUMBERS OF PEOPLE (LARGE GROUPS) COORDINATE THEIR ACTIONS they posit high status individuals as having a functional role to help large groups decide on their collective action. DEVIL WEARS PRADA girl in the 'cerulian' sweater has it explained to her that what she is wearing is a CHOICE that was made for you. Higher status people display a different form of consumption. she tries to say she isn't high status by wearing this lumpy sweater, but she is being told that it is connected, that she can't escape the decisions of those above her. the status groups price themselves out of the lower status people's price range so status and economic position play off one another. In the Clark article we see high status individuals used coordinate large groups of people. they imagine a case of people trying to make a decision of what they will buy to wear. one way they can make decisions is thinking through what style of jacket they might want. by having these high status things, we can coordinate a whole bunch of people to buy the same thing. individuals will want to observe the dress they choose to be part and parcel of the higher status. even if someone adopts a style to be different, they don't want to be the only ones to do so. so if you are going to dress like a goth, you still fall into certain fashion norms. even if the group is not economically privileged, it signals to people with a different value set that you relate
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