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Sociology of Power 334 10-30

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University of Alberta
Ariane Hanemaayer

SOCIOLOGY 334 Pierre Bourdieu: MULTIPLE FORMS OF CAPITAL *i will not copy the notes today but just comment on them, and i can read the notes off of the eclass CLASS IS SO CENTRAL. that symbolic phenomena made through symbolic performances. Bourdieu made a huge metatheoretical move that facilitates something he felt was problematic: he has put together a response to critical sociology where people are duped by false ideological needs. bourdieu is able to maintain a conception of subjectivity by focusing on relations: how is it that structure is within us? embodied in the symbolism of our actions? Actors are in position with one another and they are stuggling for power to accomplish their projects. He is looking at the webs between material and symbolic capital. he is looking at both objective positions and subjective embodied sedimentation of social structures who in turn construct the world. THIS IS HOW PEOPLE, USING THEIR HABITUS, ARE ABLE TO PLAN, CREATE, AND DO THINGS ACCORDING TO THE SOCIAL STRUCTURE. a person's mode of being is a concretization of the field of power relations. the outcome is a theory that is not purely structural nor strictly subjective. i can choose where to sit in the classroom, but i am still in a classroom and my choices are limited. CLASS DOES NOT PRE-EXIST, IT ONLY HAPPENS WHEN PEOPLE ARE STRUGGLING TO ACQUIRE OR CONTROL SOME FORM OF CAPITAL. struggle emerges as we all try and do the things we want to do. ALL OF THIS HAPPENS, FOR BOURDIEU, IN A VERY SYMBOLIC WAY NOTHING CLASSIFIES SOMEONE BETTER THAN HOW THEY CLASSIFY ie, in his article he gives this example: "he's not so highbrow, for a professor" so many assumptions are encrypted in this classification. because it is symbolic, class is also synthetic: it is synthesized... he is rejecting marx: there is no ruling class, it is just how people are deploying categories of class. it is through our own mundane activities and everyday conversations, recognizing particular practices we are ought to do. everytime you uphold the status quo, you reinforce class as it is. it is made every day by everyday reproductions of symbolic domination. there are real structures and culture representations in society, BUT it is synthesized by real social actions and the inherent symbolism of those actions and categorizations inherent to those actions. the KKK is now doing symbolic violence with less offensive language, saying they are not a racist hate group but a group that protects white interests, fights against illegal immigration, etc. they distinguish between two groups: white/christian/protestant, everyone else. FOUR FORMS OF CAPITAL 1. ECONOMIC 2. CULTURAL 3. SOCIAL 4. SYMBOLIC CAPITAL THE CONVERSION OF ACCUMULATED LABOUR WHICH IS NEEDED TO PRODUCE THE TYPE OF POWER EFFECTIVE IN THE FIEL
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