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Sociology of Power 334 10-09

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Ariane Hanemaayer

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SOCIOLOGY 334 after wwII, health care was going through massive changes, being restructured to meet the needs of growing populations. medical power became salient it could use its authority to orient healthcare systems towards medicine's interest rather than the public or the state. DAVID COBURN - MEDICAL DOMINANCE THEN AND NOW - why has there been a movement away from the study of medical domination? - in the 50s and 60s there was a dominant structural approach looking at macro - in the 60s and 70s there was a refocusing in soc on microprocesses that focus on the individual instead of teh structural level. - medicalization at the individual level became more vogue in the 1800s the first medical association in ontario. doctors are not individually mandated but need licenses to do so. saskatchewan creates a law doctors go on strike after sask goes public health care by 1966 the medical care act of canada it looks here like not a matter of medical dominance but state dominance over health care professionals. medicine itself is regulated and subject to broader social and economic concerns. you can now only get medical procedures the govt says it is alright for you to have even though people might have 'free' healthca
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