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Sociology of Power 334 12-02

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Ariane Hanemaayer

SOCIOLOGY 334 THEORIZING POWER: CONCLUSION from last class: GOVERNMENTALITY, the third kind of power Foucault talked about (in addition to discipline and normativity). It is a remix of three historical models of rule: PASTORAL, POLICE, AND DIPLIMATICO- MILITARY. all about the NEWAND IMPROVED SOCIETY ORIENTED TO THE FUTURE, not the present. DISPOSITIFS of governmentality stabilize in particular institutional sites over time, until a new "event' is identified, and new programmes are installed (around and around) where there is power, there is resistance! resistance is doing otherwis▯. ROSE modified this thesis of governmentality by talking about ADVANCED LIBERALISM: governing us through our 'free choices' by delimiting the field of what people can choose from. governing at MOLECULAR SITES, sfift from concern with the population or 'society'; advanced liberalism combines governmental programmes with economic devices: ie management, audit - ie in medicine, increasing concern with how much treatment costs ————————————————————————————————— WRITING ON THEORY: find a wa
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