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STAT141 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Subclavian Artery, Brachiocephalic Artery, Metacarpal Bones

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James Muriithi
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Right arm and neck: 2. R subclavian artery
Fingers of right and left hands (posterior) 7. R/L digital arteries
Right and left forearms and hands: 4. R/L brachial arteries
Right and left arms and forearms: 9. R/L metacarpal arteries
Right arm, neck, head, and brain: 1. R brachiocephalic trunk
Left head and brain: 11. L. subclavian
Right and left hands (posterior) 8. R/L deep palmar arteries
Left arm and neck: 10. L. common carotid
Fingers of right and left hands (anterior): 5. R/L ulnar and radial arteries
Chest wall, shoulder girdles, dorsal thorax, and deltoids: 3. R/L axillary arteries
Right and left hands (anterior) 6. R/L superficial palmar artery
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