STAT151 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Histogram, Standard Deviation, N100

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24 Oct 2018
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STAT151 Full Course Notes
STAT151 Full Course Notes
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You are not allowed to use a hand calculator. It consists of 17 questions (20 single questions). For each question, carry out the appropriate analysis using statcrunch and circle the correct answer in your exam sheet. The number of questions and the topics covered in the actual lab exam may be different from those in the practice exam. Which of the following five numbers is the best estimate of the standard deviation of the 100 sample means? (b) histogram b (c) histogram c (d) histogram d (b) 0. 20 (c) 0. 30 (a) 0. 10. A random sample of 100 students from the population of students at the university of alberta was obtained and the number of pets owned by each student in the sample was recorded. The results are saved the stat 151 laboratories web site at http://www. stat. ualberta. ca/statslabs/stat151/exambank. htm (click data for exam 2).