ANTH 201 Study Guide - Final Guide: Mentawai Islands Regency, Biogeography, Patas Monkey

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King philip can order five great specimens (kingdom phylum class order family genus species) Haplorrhines are the tarsiers, monkeys, apes & humans. Based on how similar they looked and similar adaptation developments. Dentition: (a) have fused mandibles while (p) can move independently. Brain size: (a) have larger brains relative to their body weight. Nails vs. claws: (a) have nails vs. toilet claw. Visual system: (a) have binocular and colour vision. (a) have complex social structures. Prosimians: lemuriformes (all found only in madagascar) Lemurs used to be all over the world, but they got outcompeted by the more advanced anthropoids. The anthropoids never got to madagascar, so the lemurs were able to stick around there. The lemuriformes includes five families: cheirogaleidae (dwarf lemurs) This family includes dwarf lemurs and mouse lemurs. Biogeography: the perimeters of madagascar in the forests. Body size: very small- all less than a pound.

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