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ANTH 303
Chris Holdsworth

Hi all Midterm Two is scheduled for Tuesday Oct 29 at 6 pm in the regular classroom and will take one hour and 15 minutes. The exam is worth 25% of the final grade. If you have registered with the SAS and plan on writing the exam there you need to inform them of your intention as soon as possible. The exam will consist of 20 multiple choice questions (1/2 mark each) and 5 short answer questions out of a choice of 8, (2 marks each). About 80% of the questions are from the classes and 20% from the text with an emphasis on area of overlap. Material Covered Class Slides • Ethnographic Methods – from slide 21 on Participant Observation until slide 45 on Social Network Analysis. There are no questions based on this topic, Word of mouth, Semiotics (which is covered in consumer behavior) or the research process. • Ethics • Organizational Culture • Controlling Organizational Culture • Consumer Behaviour. (There are no questions based on the slides about consumer behaviour and identity) Jordan text chapters Chapter 3. Techniques for Conducting Fieldwork. Only pages 27 to the end. We have already covered the first few pages. Chapter 4 Ethical Concerns Chapter 8 Organizational Anthropology Chapter 6 Marketing and Consumer Behaviour – only until page 77 on negotiated identity. We will cover the rest of the chapter later Ferraro and Briody Chapters Ch 1. Nothing Films, Video Clips, Articles There will be questions based on the Jennifer Chatman Film. The call number can be found in the info section of Blackboard. You should also read the article by her and Chia which covers most of the material in the film. You should also look at the clips by Fons Tropenaars, Ford and Rory Sutherland. There is a separate page in the Links to readings and videos folder which provides all these links plus a couple of others You should also know what the Malefyt article is about but I will not ask detailed questions from
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