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University of Calgary
ANTH 303
Chris Holdsworth

Midterm One is scheduled for Tuesday Oct 1 at 6 pm in the regular classroom and will take one hour and 15 minutes. The exam is worth 25% of the final grade. If you have registered with the DRC and plan on writing the exam there you need to inform them of your intention as soon as possible. The exam will consist of 20 multiple choice questions (1/2 mark each) and 5 short answer questions out of a choice of 8, (2 marks each). About 70% of the questions are from the classes and 30% from the text with an emphasis on area of overlap. Material Covered Class Slides Introduction History of Anthropology and Business (this is the narrated PPT slide show) The Concept of Culture Ethnographic Metods – only to slide 20 i.e. the end of the Laundromat example. Jordan text chapters Ch 1 The Anthropological Approach Ch 2. A History of Anthropology in Western Organizational Life. Chapter 3. Techniques for Conducting Fieldwork. Only pages 23 to 27. We will cover Interviewing and the rest of the chapter after the exam. Ch 4. Seeing Cultural Groupings Ch. 10. The Importance of Holism Ferraro and Briody Chapters Ch 1. Cultural Anthropology and Global Business Readings and Videos Ann T. Jordan: The Importance of Business Anthropology (The link to this article can be found the ‘Links to readings and videos’ folder in the course documents section of Blackboard. Also in this folder are links to the longer videos we have watched. You do not have to know dates, titles of books, people mentioned in passing, or quotes. The focus is on the major concepts and ideas. Sometimes a definition is given and you are asked to choose
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